Construction Supervision and FIDIC Engineering

Construction supervision and FIDIC engineering are the two fields in which we are exceptionally competent due to many years of experience. Our staff is ready to assist you with and take full responsibility for these services:

• Construction supervision at all phases of implementation in strict compliance with the Lithuanian Construction Law, other normative documents and FIDIC contract agreement conditions;

• Full spectrum of FIDIC engineering services as outlined in Conditions of Contract for Construction. For Building and Engineering Works (First Ed. 1999, “The Red Book”) and Conditions of Contract for Plant & Design-Build. For Electrical & Mechanical Plant & For Building & Engineering Works Designed by the Contractor (First Ed, 1999, “The Yellow Book”).

• Quality control for completed projects;

• Results and objectives monitoring for implemented projects;

• Qualified and unbiased assistance in resolving disputes;

• Determination, measurement and acceptance of executed Works, verification and approval of Contractor’s Completed Works Certificates and other documentation submitted for payment;

• Preparation of  documentation and participation in Taking Over procedures;

• Maintenance of completed Works during the Defects Liability period.

Managing and publicizing environmental projects

From the first days of our existence environment protection projects have been an important part of our service spectrum. During the years of cooperation with municipalities, water supply and waste management companies we have gained their trust and more than once proved that we can professionally execute the projects we take on. We are qualified to offer these services:

• Creation and development of  project management systems,  document preparation and project administration in compliance with the requirements of EU funds and the Lithuanian government;

• Overall technical assistance with project administration;

• Overall technical assistance with organizing bidding procedures for public procurement of works, services and goods;

• Preparation of payment requests and project expenditure declarations;

• Consultations to assess eligible expenditures;

• Risk assessment, management and prevention;

• Project publicity and implementation of required publicity measures.

Preparation and Financial Analysis of Investment Projects Preparation of Tenders for Structural Funds

Each project consists of multiple smaller solutions that require a broad range of competencies. We are prepared not only to implement your projects, but also to assist you in writing successful tenders to finance your project. We provide assistance in these areas:

• Project identification, evaluation, validation and optimization of project vitality;

• Financial analysis, identification of key measures of effectiveness, assessment of project continuity;

• Cost-benefit analysis, evaluation of social costs and benefits;

• Project sensitivity analysis, assessment of variables‘ influence on the project;

• Preparation of financial plans, identification of funding sources and duration;

Preparation of project applications for EU structural funds as well as national and international support agencies

Training in Practical Application of FIDIC Contract Agreement Conditions and Project Management

We have a vast experience in managing projects in accordance with FIDIC Contract Agreements Conditions and we share it with our clients not only through the projects we execute, but also through trainings in municipalities and their divisions. We lead seminars on these topics:

• Administration of Projects Financed by EU and Other International Structural Funds;

• Document Preparation and Management for Project Administrators;

• Practical Application of FIDIC Contract Agreement Conditions;

• Clarification of Ambiguities and Discrepancies in Contract Document Requirements And Priority of Contract Documents;

• Risk Assessment and Management. Case studies;

• Most Frequent Mistakes and Consequences. Case Studies;

• Variations Management, Additional and Outstanding Works Registration;

• Responsibilities of Contract Agreement Parties. Practical Advice for Claims Management and Disputes Resolution;

• Project Financial Management;

• Project Expenditures Management and Monitoring. Case Studies;

• Financial Statements and Audits;

• Practical Advice for Defects Liability Period Management;

• Project Completion, Statement of Completion, Reporting and Registration.

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